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How to Participate Castle Siege War?

There is no specific applicant. Any clan above Lv.4 can participate the Siege War.

* In terms of Clan Lv.4, it means a clan with above 2,000 clan points which is calculated total member's NP divides 36. In conclusion, the clan can join the war if total NP is above 72,000

Castle Siege Rules

Clan who takes Center Artifact becomes owner of the castle.
Center Artifact will be recreated for the 1 hour siege war.
* If clan A breaks Center Artifact, Center Artifact at A creates.
If clan B breaks Center Artifact at A, then Center Artifact at B creates.
Clan with Center Artifact at 9:10; time to finish Siege, will become a lord of the castle.
- When Center Artifact is broken, all clan(including clan of the lord and alliance)
In case of defenders, they can do siege transform at wherever, attackers can transform at 100 meters away.
Clan of the lord can move into the castle by using "/town", rest of clans (including alliance of Lord's clan) can move to Safety Zone.
There is no penalty on death while Siege such as lose of XP, NP and Noah.

Lord of a Castle

Lord can determine tax of Moradon through [Maintain]Captain Hugor at Delos.
Lord can determine tax rate between 0~20%, and if he choose 10% then NPC will sell the item as same price as other villages.
Lord can pick up stored Noah by [Maintain]Captain Hugor at Delos.

Different Races

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